3 Reasons You Should Invest in a DIY Conservatory This Summer

Summer is here and for many of us that means it’s time to take a look at our homes and see where improvements can be made. The warm nights and long hours of daylight means it’s the ideal time to make those changes to the home, whether it’s redecorating a room, refitting your kitchen or even extending your house. Why not consider installing a DIY conservatory as a summer project? Here are 3 reasons we think you should:

1. Improving the Value of Your Home

When it comes to making home improvements it’s always wise to look into the best ways of adding value to a property and installing a conservatory is a very effective way of doing this. It adds space and style to your home whilst adding value to your property and making it look more appealing to any potential buyers in the future.

2. Creates Extra Space

With the property market not looking particularly appealing right now many people are choosing to stay out in their homes. However with growing families and busy lives, space is a necessity. A conservatory can add space to your home without the hassle of a full blown house extension. Also a conservatory will be a lot less hassle as you often don’t need planning permission, however it’s also important to double check this with your local council.

3. Save Costs on Labour

Investing in a DIY conservatory is a lot more cost effective than choosing a bespoke conservatory that then needs to be professionally fitted by a builder or tradesman. It also give you and your family a chance to get stuck into a project of your own, it gets the kids active and you also have the satisfaction of knowing you built it yourself.

Here at Crown Windows Trade we sell a selection of DIY conservatories for you to choose from, offering a range of styles, sizes and prices you’re sure to find the ideal conservatory to suit your home and your budget. And if you don’t fancy constructing your new conservatory yourselves we offer a specialist fitting service where our professional installers can erect your conservatory for you.

For further information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by clicking here.

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