Heating and Cooling Your Conservatory – What Are the Options?

When it comes to conservatories a common belief that people have is that they’re freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer. And without the right heating and cooling components in place this may well be the case. But if you consider your heating and cooling option when investing in a conservatory you could have a beautiful room which can be kept at an ambient temperature all through the year.

Heating Your Conservatory:

• The Eco Friendly Option: When it comes to choosing your conservatory you need to look into the specifications. A cheaper conservatory may seem like a good idea for your bank balance however they may not be very energy efficient. Check things like the roof thickness and the insulation properties.
• Double Glazing: Just like with the rest of your home you need to make sure all window panels are double glazed in order to keep that precious heat in and stop any draughts.
• Standard Convection Heating: Fitting radiators or electric storage heaters is perhaps the cheapest way of heating your conservatory. If you combine this with timers you can make the most of your heating and make sure your conservatory is warm and toasty when you need it.
• Under Floor Heating: This is a great option for a conservatory as you won’t lose any floor or wall space. Again incorporating timers to your underfloor heating will ensure your conservatory is nice and warm for you in the morning or in the evening when you get home from work.

Cooling Your Conservatory:

When it comes to cooling your conservatory in the summer you need to make sure it is built with the hot weather in mind. Ensure there are plenty of windows that can be opened as well as big French doors. Remember to consider blinds too in order to keep out the sun’s glare on those hot summer days.

Another option is to have a climate control unit fitted in your conservatory. This will keep your conservatory at a constant cool temperature throughout the warmer months so you can enjoy it each day.

Here at Crown Windows Trade we have a wide range of conservatories available, varying in size, shape and style so if you’re looking for a new conservatory for your home then make sure we’re your first port of call. We’re always on hand to offer our expert advice when it comes to choosing your conservatory and deciding on the best way to heat and cool it. So get in touch with us today by clicking here.

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