Tips to Keeping Your Conservatory Cool this Summer

After winter’s gloom, there is no greater pleasure than welcoming the warmth of summer into the tranquillity of your conservatory. Combining the best of both inside and outside, with views of lush foliage enhanced by those necessary amenities and the opportunity to style your space with ornaments and furniture, your conservatory really is an oasis of calm.

As welcome as the sun may be while you enjoy your conservatory, it can have the unfortunate effect of turning your chill-out room into an uncomfortable sauna. What you wanted was ambience and convenience, not a greenhouse, and with this in mind we’ve decided to offer a few tips on keeping your conservatory cool during the summer months.


As a light and open space, the traditional summer design trends marry well with your conservatory. Cool pastels and light colours can keep the feel of the room airy and relaxed. Combined with bi-fold doors and canopies, shade and a natural flow of air can help you can capture the essence of balmy evenings even in the midday sun.


This year’s trends are all about natural products, and bamboo furniture or the more rustic and farmhouse look afforded by oak, beech or ash can conjure that sense of being outside whilst inside. The range of conservatories available, from traditional to bespoke, means that whatever your taste, your conservatory stays cool.

The popularity of indoor gardens is also increasing, and a collection of indoor plants will enhance the comfort of your interior. Many people are now using authentic looking artificial grass to bring the outside inside and blur the boundaries between their conservatory and garden.


One of the best ways of keeping your conservatory cool is to install blinds. You can control the temperature by adjusting the amount of sunlight they let into the room, and when you’re not in your conservatory you can close them completely to prevent heat build-up.

Blinds have many advantages over curtains, as curtains are heavy, trap heat and always leave gaps for sunlight and prying eyes to peer through. Leaving doors and windows open can be a risky business, but combining blinds with safety locks can ensure practicality and protection.

Specialising in DIY conservatories while also providing installation and bespoke design if needed, we at Crown Windows Trade offer flexibility without compromising on service. Contact us today to find out more.

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