How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

Let’s be honest – cleaning the windows in your home is one of those annoying chores we would rather do without! Nonetheless it’s an important job and one that once it’s done, can really make your home look and feel better. Particularly after winter when you can finally wash all that dingy winter grime away. But do you know the best way to clean your windows? The team at Crown Windows do – borrowing some tips from the professionals is a great place to start:

Before You Begin:

• Plan your window washing – the best time to do it is on a cloudy day, bright sunlight causes the windows to dry too quickly leaving those dreaded streaks and smears.
• Wash one window at a time – this reduces the risk of streaky windows
• You will need: a few buckets, a sponge, a squeegee, a lint free cloth, duster, an old towel, chamois cloth

Cleaning the Outside of Your Windows:

• Grab a bucket of soapy water and a good quality sponge and wash your window with this.
• Then get your squeegee and starting at the top left of your window, work your way down in a revers S pattern, removing the suds.
• Next get a damp chamois cloth and use this to remove any remaining water on the window – this will prevent any streaks drying on your window.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Windows:

• Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of rubbing alcohol.
• Before you wash your windows, grab a duster and remove any dust or cobwebs from around your windows.
• Lay an old towel on the floor under the window to protect your carpet and clean the windows using another old towel and the water – just make sure the towel is still soft.
• Wipe the windows in straight and vertical lines to ensure you don’t miss any bits.
• Finally, go over the window with the squeegee and then the chamois cloth to ensure streak free windows.

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